"Talk about the weather..."

Oh, springtime. How I missed you! Although I can't really complain too much about this past "winter"!

This week has brought sunshine and seventy-degree weather and play dates and dirty little boys in the bathtub at night! Each day has been more lovely then the next and I am so thankful for all of it!

A few weeks ago, PJ was officially diagnosed with Autism (a little more about that story here) and although it was a difficult pill to swallow I find that it hasn't completely poisoned our life. It just tastes a little different, and that is okay. As like like to joke, it's not like we can return him! That dude is here to stay! And thankfully, he is here. PJ has been making amazing progress with his therapy and we could not be happier! Pete and I are fighting like tigers to keep our best boy connected to this amazing world. :-)

I'm still not able to really talk about it very much, except for a very, very few people (oh, and you know who you are...) aside from my husband. I am just now ready to blog about it, which is completely passive-aggressive, of course! :-) Still, it's a strange thing when you're child is all at once perfect and flawed, and it will take my heart some time to come to terms, even as PJ blossoms before my eyes! How truly, unending lucky I am to have that sweet, crazy, funny, loves-to-flush-the-toilet boy!

Why, yes. Yes, I will have some pie. 

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