"...she calls me 'cause I'm still awake..."

PJ is tucked into his bed, sound asleep, and let's all pray together that he actually stays asleep tonight! Unlike last night, when he woke up at 1am and found it completely unreasonable that his father and I did not want to get up and play! Seriously, folks. He wasn't sick, isn't teething, didn't wet through his diaper. PJ just felt having his day begin at 1am. Thankfully, he passed out eventually (after being up much of the night), sprawled across our legs at the foot of the bed. What kind of bag of crap is that????

So, I mean it folks. On your knees. Pray for heavy eyelids and free-flowing melatonin.

Of course, PJ was superdupercranky all morning which was perfect because he had two therapy sessions today. Gah. Dude was miserable, but thankfully, he took a monster nap and rebounded nicely!

Pete had to work tonight (it's his crappy week) but my sister Marla, PJ and I headed over to a yummy local place called The Tortilla Press. They were having a fundraiser for research on Congenital Muscle Disease, specifically, a variation called RYR1. A former co-worker has a daughter who is affected and was part of the effort to put the fundraiser together, and the Tortilla Press is literally right around the corner from me? So, how easy was it to walk a block and fill my belly with yummy food for a great cause? IT WAS SUPER EASY! The restaurant was full, my belly was fully, my heart was full. And PJ behaved really, really well! :-)

Although...thinking it over, I can manage if PJ wakes up again tonight. Pray for Emily's beautiful daughter Klara instead.


This exchange went down between my nephew Carl and I the other day at Story Hour (Carl, along with his sisters Delia and Grace, were there as 'tween-aged volunteers to read to the younger children)-

Me (poking a straw into a Capri Sun)
My mom never let us have these when I was little because they make such a mess!

They had these way back then????


Other 'tween-aged boy I didn't know
CA-RULLLLLL! What do you mean? She's only twenty!

See, Carl? That's why he's my new nephew. 



My living room is full of piles of clean clothes to be put away tomorrow, I'm watching the Flyers game, and all is quiet. I think I'll treat myself and watch the rest of the game in bed- I am a tired, worn-out lady! So with that, I wish you all...

Good night! 

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