"Paaaaaarty all the tiiiiiiime!"

My sweet, sassy, silly baby boy is TWO YEAR OLD!

And yeah, so that happened over a two three months ago! Better late then never!

Everyone we love gathered on an unusually warm December day to celebrate PJ's second birthday!  His Aunt Marla and Uncle Steve were stupid gracious enough to host the fete, and God love their bravery because we partied with close to THIRTY kids and a houseful of adults! There is no such thing as a small party with our families, and it is overwhelming but mostly wonderful!

We decided to hold a mid-morning party so that all of our younger guests could party 'till they dropped with the hope that they would drop at nap time! :-) So by 10am, most of our guests had arrived and were rearing to go! The only problem was that our entertainment had not arrived! We had hired the folks from My Gym of Cherry Hill to set up tons of activities for the kids, but they got lost getting to my sisters house which made them very late! Thankfully, they rebounded beautifully and did an astounding job of keeping the kids happy, excited, and entertained! We had a huge age range of children, from the oldest at 12 and the youngest at 1 and there was something for every single child to do! They had a BLAST and My Gym was worth every penny!

The weather was amazing so after the kids had as much fun as possible inside, we were able to move the party outside! The kids had sack races, hula-hooped, frisbeed (is that a word?) and the biggest hit- BUBBLES! It was as simple as waving a bubble wand in front of a fan, but the results were amazing!

Wow. Both PJ and Pete needed a haircut!
Later, we all gathered around a cake shaped like Blue to sing Happy Birthday to my best boy! It's been an amazing, crazy, wonderful two years (and a few months)- the best years of my life! I feel like I was born just to be PJ's mama and I would not trade that child for anything in the world! Not even when he gets into the donuts and hides behind the couch to eat the whole thing while his Aunt Marla cracks up and takes pictures!


And this is where someone should have stopped him.

Peter Joseph, you are the biggest blessing your Daddy and I could have ever hoped for! You make us smile, make us proud, make us happy! We love you all the way to the moon and back!

Hooray for the best Two-Year-Old ever!!

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