"It's like a work of art that never gets to see the light..."

Oh my! It's 2012!

I was pretty much Miss Delinquent Blogger, 2011- my crown is made of rhinestones and shame. And here we are, already halfway through January and this is the first time I have sat down to write.

Still, I am hoping to correct that this year. Even though very few people actually read my blog (and thanks and pity to those who do, LOL!) it's always been a very cathartic experience for me to write. I enjoy it and it makes me feel good, so it's something I should be doing as part of my Mental Health Maintenance routine! And trust me. I need a LOT of maintenance! I need a Brain Dyson.

Between wrangling a two-year old (birthday post to come, I swear!), managing his therapy schedule (yeah, I'll blog about that, too!), keeping house (...from completely piling up with shit as opposed to just it's usual state of disarray), and expending energy to keep from eating all of the things (I'm a heifer), I find that the time just slips away. Before I know it, the Flyers game is over and I forgot to put the stuff in the washer into the dryer and it's time for bed. Oh, and I'm sure that somewhere in there, I spend some time with my husband.


What I'm getting that is that I just haven't been able to gather up the brainpower needed to sit down and blog. Instead, the things that I would normally vent here just build up. It's super healthy. Not. So I resolve am going to try and rectify it.

It's not helping that I am finally on Pinterest! Oh. My. Word. What a timesuck! Still, I am having a blast creating a board with ideas for updating PJ's bedroom! I think that Pinterest is going to at once revitalize me and destroy me. Either way, be sure to follow me! ;-)

For now, it's nice that the holidays (though wonderful) are over and that we can get back to our normal routine!

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Jenn said...

I am so glad you are on Pinterest! You pin the cutest outfits! It is a life sucker though. And for me, I feel super creative, but then realize all I did was sit in front of my computer for 3 (okay 7) hours pinning and not really creating anything.
Hope you start blogging more! I would love to hear all of your vents. I might even start blogging again someday as well.