"Hello, my friend. Hello."

So. Very. Tired.
It's been a strange few days,
alternately hectic and slow;
heavenly and harrowing.
PJ was sick the week of his birthday
and the week after his party!
Wait. What?
Yup, you read that right!
Peter Joseph had a birthday!
My baby boy is a TWO YEAR OLD!
I have lots to say about that
but it will have to be for another evening.
That sickness I referred to
wreaked havoc with PJ's sleep and
when PJ isn't sleeping
Mama's not sleeping, either!
So, we're a tired bunch here.
Either way, I just wanted to stop by my blog
on this very windy, warm-for-winter evening
to say hello before I head off to bed!
And goodnight.

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dandelionfleur said...

May you both get some sleep in the days to come!