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Seriously. My brain is fried.

PJ and I had been cooped up for two day because it was just too hot to take him outside. We finally ventured out today for some time with friends and then a trip to the (very crowded) mall to get a birthday gift! Nothing to really write home about blog-wise, but it's what went down.


Amy Winehouse was found dead today. I am a huge, huge fan of her music and think that Back to Black was brilliant, but the fact is that we've all been watching her die for years. It wasn't a shock at all, just a huge disappointment. I used to say that it made me so angry that God allowed Amy Winehouse to live when she was trying so hard to die and had my brother-in-law Greg die when he was trying to hard to live. Now that she's passed, it doesn't feel like the playing field is leveled at all. It just seems like a gigantic fucking waste all across the board.


I went to a La Leche League meeting for the first time this past Monday! I know, dumb, right, since my son has weaned himself (sob!). But, I figured that since I had such an amazingly positive breastfeeding experience that maybe I could be a support system to other moms. The meeting was great! The women were all warm and funny and I found that I had something to offer with my story and even though my son is not nursing anymore, still had things to learn! I'm looking forward to going to more meetings and becoming more involved!


Pete and I really need to go on a date. Weddings do not count (and we've only been to two of those since PJ has been born anyway!). We need to go out simply to be together and for no other reason. We haven't done that since before PJ was born and we are way overdue. I am still not very good with leaving PJ with someone that's not myself or Pete (I hardly ever do) but for the sake of my marriage I need to get over it. It doesn't have to be often, but it does need to happen.


It's late and I am sleepy. It's time for bed.

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Meggan said...

I agree with dates! The hubs and I have only been out once since moving here. Granted he has been gone that last 5 weeks...but still, it's time to interview some babysitters and get the heck out once in a while!!!