"Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away..."

The weather has been absolutely amazing these past few days!
Warm, sunny days and cool, lovely nights
that are perfect for sleeping!
There has been a lot of outdoor activity for my sweet PJ!
Walks with his mama,
Playground playdates with good friends,
Swinging on the swing at his Bubbe and Zayda's house,
Playing on Nan and Pop's porch!
It's the type of weather I dream about!
But, it is fleeting- the weather is supposed to get superduperhot by mid-week
and it will be indoors-only for me
since my baby Boy just Can't. Handle. The. Heat.
It pretty much turns him into a melty pile of miserable.
(He gets that from his Daddy)
Pete has a three day stretch of work ahead (boo)
and will be done just in time for the heat to set in.
And when it does, I will position both of my heat-sensitive boys
squarely in front of the A/C and wrack my brain
for ways to keep my kept-cool-but-cooped-up baby amused.
Fun times.
Still, today is Sunday and it won't be hot 'till Wednesday
which gives me two more days to
enjoy the loveliness!

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Meggan said...

I hear ya with miserable kids:/ Hope you are enjoying your last day of nice weather:)