"But it was Saturday night, I guess that makes it alright..."

It's Saturday night.
PJ is sleeping soundly.
Pete is at a bachelor party for one of his oldest friends.
He worked the past three nights in a row, so this is night four without him.
Without my boys to keep me company, I'm lonely tonight.
I'm also cranky.
(I think the only thing raptured was my good mood)
Even after a yummy dinner with my favorite Shelly
and my favorite Shelly's girls (minus one)
I am feeling
I let myself be suckered and it annoys the holy hell out of me.
I hate that I can be talked down from what I thought was
a solid decision
with just a few well-placed words from another.
But, now it's done and a new plan is in place and I will face it happily!
And all of that aside, it's the end of my first week as one of the SparkPeople.
Careful planning about what I am going to eat is made easy via this website
and planning is the key to my success in healthy eating.
Off-the-cuff eating is no good for me.
It's how I end up eating Swiss Rolls and rot beer for dinner.
There will be no more of that.
My fat will be vanquished.
But for now?
I sleep.


Jenn said...

I am so happy that you are doing so good with the Spark People website! You are awesome and totally rocking this!

Lauren said...

Swiss Rolls and Root Beer.....sounds perfect to me! LOL!!! Good job on healthy eating. Keep it up. I know how discouraging it gets sometimes. Just watch something with a bunch of celebrities in bikinis.....that always gets me motivated.