"...and it's our God-forsaken right to be loved, loved, loved, loved, loved..."

What wonderful times we have been having!

I feel like the past few days are trying to make up for every sucky day I have ever had! It's been a steady stream of fun, friends, and family! Even though Pete is on a three day stretch at work (which includes Memorial Day. Fail.) we are lucky enough to have places to go and people to see!

Babies in the pool!
The day after our beach trip, my sweet friend Michelle came by with her littles for an impromptu pool party! I sent Pete out that morning and an hour and $25 bucks later, we had a baby pool blown up and filled, water toys to play with, and a fun sprinkler spouting water for the kids to run through! PJ alternated between splashing and screeching with his friends and hopping out of the pool to run to the front yard! It was warm enough to be in the pool but not so warm that we were dying of heatstroke! The mama's got to chat and after we had the kids dried off and dressed, we all came back in to enjoy a delicious lunch together! It was a great morning and we got it all done before naptime! :-)

Clockwise from me (top center) Shelly, Riley,
PJ, Emilia and Sarah
Saturday was one of my favorite days of the year, May Day! May Day is a huge festival held in our town every year! It takes up a long stretch of the main road and features tons of food, music, and shopping! There's a kiddie section with rides and a petting zoo! We met up with my sister-in-law Shelly, her three gals and some friends and quickly got deep into browsing the vendors and drinking root beer! The girls even tried out hula hoops! It was a hot day, so I kept my son, Paley Mc Pale Skin, thoroughly glazed with sunscreen and made sure he had lots of water! Despite all of our preventative measures though, the kids had it after about two hours and starting melting down, so we left the fair and had lunch at Friendly's! The kids enjoyed the food and we all enjoyed the air conditioning! After that, naptime!! Of course, it totally stunk that Pete had to miss the fair (he was asleep because he had to work that night)- we have gone every year together since we were married. Which is only twice so far but still. We missed him, but we had a great time with some of our favorite gals!

My niece Emi hooping it up!
Today was a quiet morning with my family! Pete got home from work and spent some time with us before he went to sleep. After he was tucked in, PJ and I headed out to run a few errands. I wanted to find him a pair of those swim shoes and I was successful! I also happened to find him a pair of sandals and a pair of Phillies shirts. And a hat. But they were an accident. They fell into the cart. :-P

After my melty baby had an air-conditioned nap, we had more visitors! My cousin Matt came by with his awesome wife Colleen and their gorgeous, smooshy, smiley baby Braelyn! Little Miss B had grown sooooooo much since I saw her last! She's all smiles and coos and happiness and I could have smooshed her cheeks all night! At one point, Colleen was nursing her and PJ kept going over and gently patting Braelyn on the head! Cutest. Thing. Ever! Matt and I grew up together- we are a week apart in age and have reached the majority of our milestones together, so it's so much fun to be first-time parents together! Our littles are almost exactly a year apart and I hope they can grow up to be as close as Matt and I are!

I mean, how could he resist this face????

Quit kissing the screen.
It's been such a wonderful time- pearl beads on the string of this year! I am hoping that I can keep this streak going and give PJ an amazing summer!

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