"Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend..."

It's been busy times for us in our little household! Friends and family coming to visit, a celebration of a 1st birthday for a sweet baby boy, and tomorrow, some time with my mom, my bestie, and some longtime family friends!

It's good times, people. Good times.

I have been back on my kick of keeping things clean, neat and orderly around here. And I'll tell ya, it's a full time job! Still, even though I hardly ever feel like cleaning, it's a good feeling to see things all fancy-nancy! The only problem? We are friggin' slobs! I am constantly in motion picking up shoes, putting away toys, sweeping up peas/puffs/noodles/other random foodstuffs, doing dishes, doing laundry, and folding clothing! But it is making me strangely happy to do so, and by keeping up with things, my list of chores never gets overwhelming. It's all grown-up stuff in these here parts. Go figure.

Tonight we celebrated the first birthday of a sweet baby boy who is 1 year old! Pete's cousin Greg and his wife Julie had friends and family on hand to celebrate their son Ryan! Pete and Greg are only a few months apart in age and now, their sons are! Greg and Julie live a few hours a so we don't away so we don't get to see them often enough, so it was a treat to have such a wonderful excuse to see them!

Tomorrow brings more fun, so it's time for me to head to sleep!!! I wish you all the most wonderful of nights!

(or, maybe not right to bed, since Papa Elton is hosting SNL tonight! )

Oh. And also? This horrible, horrible song has been stuck in my head, so now I'm sharing it with you. You're welcome.

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Jenn said...

Yesterday was Saturday, today is Sunday and we so, we so, we so angry you put this damn song on your blog. I had lived in blissful ignorance when people referenced it, but since you had it up, I just had to listen. You're a terrible person submitting your readers to that crap. Actually, I think it's hilarious that you did it, I'm just mad that I didn't think of it first.