"Ticking away the moments..."

How To Beat Your Child At The Daylight Savings
"I Am Going To Mess Up My Sleep Patterns For Two Weeks Over An Hour Change On The Clock"

Step One:
Get up in the morning per usual on the morning of daylight savings.

Step Two:
Take your child to a birthday party at a local children's play-gym.

Step Three:
Watch with enjoyment as your child climbs/hops/rolls/jumps/swings/wiggles/giggles.

Step Four:
Repeat Step Three as much as humanly possible of the course of an hour.

Step Five:
Place comatose child in bed at standard bedtime.

And there you have it!


Meggan said...

brilliant! If only the flu hadn't screwed us this time...:/

Erin said...

We used to go to great lengths to get the boys to sleep with the DST changes and the last two times we've totally forgotten about it. They fared better last night. I'm reeling from the change, nothing coffee can't handle.