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It’s Week 10 of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop

Topic: Breastfeeding Products

Share your thoughts on products designed for breastfeeding moms. (Products that helped, ones that didn’t work out, must-haves, waste-of-money, etc…)

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Boobie Swag!!!

I adore gabbing about all things baby gear and all things breastfeeding! Stuff is just fun, and while I can't tell you what will be perfect for you, I can share the things that were (and still are!) invaluable to me!

1. My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow- Oh, I love, love, love the My Breast Friend! For me, it blew the Boppy right out of the water! I loved that it strapped all the way around and provided awesome lower back support! PJ had plenty of room to lie and nurse, and the pillow was right under my breasts which kept me from slouching! The pillow was firm and sturdy, it didn't slip away from my body and PJ didn't roll towards or away from me! The cover was easy to whip off and wash and had a little pocket to hold breast pads, wipes, burp cloths, my cell phone/iPod, and so on!

2. Playtex Nursing Bras- I had horrible luck with nursing bras, mostly because I simply couldn't afford to shell out $50+ for a good, quality one! Then Playtex and the Crossing Outlets stepped in and saved the day! The bra is affordable anyway at around $27 bucks, which isn't too shabby anyway. Still, if you can find a good deal, go for it! I was able to get two bras for $16 each plus a third bra for $1 at the outlets! I got the bra in both under wire and wire-free and I love them both! No, they aren't as cute as Victoria's Secret, but they work!

3. Medela Pump-In-Style Breast Pump- Unlike my good friend Jen and a lot of other working mama's I know, I have not been a big pumper. I used mine mainly to keep a small supply on hand in the freezer and to pump if I was going to be away from my son. When I do need it, the pump works amazingly well, and wasn't too hard on my lady lumps! It pumped quickly and efficiently and even has a setting to help stimulate let down.

4. Bebe au Lait Nursing cover- I had tried just throwing a blanket over my shoulder to cover PJ and myself when I had to nurse, but I just wasn't coordinated enough to manage PJ and my own clothing without the cover slipping off. Enter the Bebe au Lait! It has a strap to go around your neck to keep the cover in place, has a ring to hold the cover away from your body so you can glance down and easily see your baby, and was large enough to cover everything, even when PJ was a squirmy worm! They come in loads of gorgeous patterns- I even found one to match my diaper bag! I could throw it in the wash with PJ's laundry and it came out perfect every time! It even has terry cloth corners to wipe errant breast milk from little chins or even the occasional rouge Mama booger ( Not that that happened to me. Ahem. )! It can just scrunch up and get tossed into your diaper bag and takes up minimal space!

5. Wint-O-Green Life Savers- Um, whaa? Why am I talking about candy? Well, it's because nursing makes you thirsty, and sometimes, being thirsty makes your mouth taste like ass. Yup. Ass. Sometimes there just wasn't enough water in the world for me, and of course there was the problem of not having enough hands to manage PJ, my clothes, my nursing cover, etc. Or worse, I has already sat down to nurse and there wasn't anybody around for me to boss around ask nicely for a glass of water. A handful of individually-wrapped Wint-O-Green's in my My Breast Friend pocket ( See? I told you that came in handy!) and I was good to go until PJ was done eating or I could order a nice, cold glass of aqua from the hubs!

There are loads of other things, from having a stool to put under your feet while you nurse to having cabbage leaves to put on sore hooters! I am sure that all of the mamas in this weeks hop have some item that's an exclusive favorite of theirs! The fun is to read  the entries and see what these mamas have in common and also, what new things they have to recommend!

In fact, all of this talk about stuff has made me decide to have


I will be giving away a Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover and a bag of Wint-O-Green Life Savers for a breastfeeding mama out there that can use them!

To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me your top three color choices for your nursing cover, and the name of the little one you will be covering up! I will choose a winner with random.org ! For an extra entry, follow me on Twitter OR follow this blog and mention that in your comment! I will choose a winner on Thursday, April 7th (making Wednesday, April 6th the last day you can enter!), which will also be the first Breastfeeding Blog Hop for that month! Ooooooo!!!

FUN FUN FUN!!! I'm so excited!!!!!! So make me go all squealy and enter, enter, enter!!!

Disclosure: So, since I am kind of a blogging nobody, it should come as no surprise that I am NOT being sponsored or compensated by Bebe au Lait or Wrigley's Life Savers. They do not know or care who I am and are not affiliated in any way with this blog or this giveaway. I will be purchasing said items with my own money from our local Buy Buy Baby store. While I think that store is full of awesomeness, the feeling is not reciprocated and Buy Buy Baby also is not in any way affiliated with this blog or with this giveaway! Entries will be numbered in order of receipt, and if that person also follows me on Twitter or on my blog, they will be also be the next consecutive number after the original comment. This will be the extra entry you can earn by also following me on Twitter/my blog. Do you have a headache yet? No? Awesome!! Let's do this thing!


Whitney said...

1) Chateau Endive
2) Chateau Silver
3) Papillion

My daughter's name is Bella Grace. (:

Whitney said...

Following you on twitter now.

Shannon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shannon said...

Papillon, Ascot, Parfait are my favorite colors! I would be using this to nurse my daughter Macy!

Jenn said...

I like Marmont, Papillon, and Sevilla. I would be using it for covering up Chuck.

Jenn said...

I follow you on Twitter

Nicole said...

I follow you on twitter as mrsnaweiss
i will use it for my son Jimmy
and my color choices are
1. ascot
2.mint chocloate
3. royale (bc even though i have a son, i am a girl lol)


Nicole said...

oops i forgot following you was an extra entry, so here is my second entry and btw i LOVE your disclosure! hahahaha

Jamie said...

Ooh yay! Thank you for this giveaway because I need a new nursing cover. :)

1. Papillon (it's so pretty)
2. Chateau Endive
3. Ascot

I would use this to cover my baby girl (that I might add is really too adorable to be hidden but at least if the cover is cute I can semi-justify it).

jmomma1203 at gmail dot com

Jamie said...

I follow you on Twitter @TripleDutyMomma

jmomma1203 at gmail dot com

Taleah said...

I like Mint Chocolate, Parfait and Valencia! taleah AT roknor DOT com

Taleah said...

I follow you on GFC! taleah AT roknor DOT com