"If your time to you is worth saving..."

This blog is brought to you tonight by My Husband Pete, who is nice enough to let me use his computer to blog despite the fact that I gave mine Ebola. Mind you, I am ONLY allowed to blog. No Twitter, e-mail, Perez, NHL.com, or online shopping. In other words, no fun.

I am very lucky to have a Certified Computer Geek in the family, my awesome brother-in-law Steve, who swooped in to pick up my laptop and rid it of its horrible ailment (and somehow managing to keep my files, pictures, and music while doing so. Awe. Some.)! And I shouldn't call him a geek, since his vast computer knowledge allows he and my sister to live in a home much larger then I will ever own! :-)

It has been a very quiet week here. Between my allergies and the terrible weather, we have been hanging out at home quite a bit. It's miserable out right now, but I am hoping for a break in the weather so we can get out for a bit tomorrow morning! The beginning of March is pretty much the worst, but at least all of the weather madness means there are better days ahead! Last spring and summer, we would take PJ for a walk almost every night after dinner. It's exciting to think that those days will be here again soon-and this time, all three of us can walk if we want!

So this is kind of a boring blog post, but it's what we've been up to! Tomorrow, when I have my computer back, I'll be able to post as part of the Breastfeeding Blog Hop, which I enjoy! In the meantime, I hope everyone is nice and warm inside and having a great night!

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Jenn said...

Ah, spring! It's getting so warm here. I can't wait to spend our days at the park or even the backyard. As a matter of fact, I think tonight, I'm going to take a stroll with the kiddos. Thanks for the inspiration!