"Even if I crash and burn ten times a day, I think I'm here to stay..."

Today was the last day of Pete's six days off, and we are really, really sad to see the time come to an end! We really lucked out this time- nice weather, family parties and other fun, and lots of time to be together! I even got to escape for a Girl's Night Out! The time has been wonderful, and now it seems like the next six-day-off stretch is sooooooo far away!

Thank goodness that PJ and I are lucky enough to have wonderful friends and family to keep us company when Pete is working or sleeping off a shift! Even though I find everything PJ does fairly fascinating, it still gets pretty lonely when I spend little to no time with my husband for a few days in a row!

At my niece Riley's birthday party this past Sunday, a very sweet, dear, wonderful family friend (the best friend of my sister-in-law Shelly!) asked me if I was bored being at home. And this wasn't just an idle, "Ugh, I don't know HOW you can stay at home!"-snotty type line of questioning. It was totally valid. Before I had PJ, I worked a 60+ hour week and had a weekend job on top of that! I was a totall work-a-holic. I never thought I would be content to be a SAHM. I liked working, I liked feeling valued and productive, and I really liked making my own money! I figured I would go back to work.

Then PJ was born and I knew right away that I wasn't going anywhere. On a practical level, there was no point. I would never make enough to cover childcare. I was there to stay anyway. But I converted from work-a-holic to stay-at-home-mom faster then you can say "poop"! Through the weeks of getting the hang of breastfeeding through diaper changes all the way through PJ's first year, I never missed working the way I thought I would. While we certainly miss the added income, we are slowly but surely making our way and figuring out the best way to run our little family.

For now, my job is to help raise my son full-time, and while I feel like I am still in the training period sometimes, it's the best job I ever had!


Jenn said...

I love being a stay at home mom too. It was quite a transition to go from feeling like your on vacation to this is my life now, but I wouldn't trade it.
I wish we live closer so we could hang out on Pete's work days. I know how much it sucks to miss out on adult inteeraction even when you do love spending time with your child.

Shelly said...

my parents are leaving friday--we should do dinner that night! so glad you had a wonderful long stretch with pete home! we are so glad you guys are around--we love you! i took my mom and ezra to the treehouse for coffee this morning and ezra was looking for pj--he wasn't happy without him there! =)