"You're good to grow..."

One chair. One baby.

I had picked out this bouncy chair for PJ's nursery after a friend bought it for her son! It matched PJ's color and theme perfectly, so off I waddled to three different Target's before I finally found it! I was so excited for PJ to get here and use the little bouncy seat!

PJ- One week and a few days old!

There was many a cold, winter morning that I would rise early with PJ and it would be just the two of us- at the time, Pete hadn't found a nursing job yet and was working very, very late hours at Papa Johns to support our little family. I would let him sleep and bring PJ into our sunny living room. He would sit in the bouncy seat while I sipped my coffee and watched The Today Show. Later, when the cameras would pan the crowd outside, PJ would wave back to all of the people trying to get Matt Lauer's attention! But in those mornings when PJ was his newest, it would be Mama and Boy-Boy keeping quiet company.  

It's a year later, but the mornings are just as cold and the coffee tastes just as good and PJ still waves back at the crowd outside the Today Show studio! Of course now, there's no chance of tucking PJ quietly into a bouncy seat! He's all over the place now, playing with toys, trying to steal whipped cream from my coffee mug, and wanting to blow raspberries on my cheek.

Not to mention the fact that I couldn't fit him into that seat even if he would sit still:

PJ- A year and a few weeks old!
Yup. That kid sure is "good to grow"! How much more growing will he do in 2011?

Can't wait to find out! :-)

I wish all of you, everyone I know and love, my friends and family, the most amazing, wonderful, and successful of New Years!


Jenn said...

I absolutely adore all of that blonde hair. Adorable!!

Unknown said...

Im following from More Followers Monday. Your son is too cute : )