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NOTE: So, yeah, I should have published this two days ago, This is why that horrible song by that lady from that show is my title for my post tonight! Anyway, I had the post all written, and for two nights in a row my son lost his tiny little mind and I never got around to publishing! Thankfully, he's sleeping peacefully tonight and I can get this post up!

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About Me (A Breezy Life...): Howdy! I'm Brie! I'm the wife of a hot firefighter hubby (who is also a nurse!) and the mama to the funniest, sweetest baby boy in the world! Peter Joseph is 14 months old and has been nursing for every day of every one of those months! I like reading, writing, but not 'rithmatic! I replaced that with Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl. Anyway, thank for stopping by- can't wait to meet you!


When my son turned 1 this past November, I could not believe how quickly the year had flown by! He went from being a skinny little six-pound wisp of a newborn boy to being a sturdy, funny, noisy 1 year old!

There were so many changes to think about! PJ says a handful of words and he has clearly chosen a favorite television show (Sesame Street), food (meatballs), and toy (his Fisher-Price Sing-Along Stage)! He is not always patient for diaper changes and, more often then not, will pull off his socks. He adores his friends and cousins and will clap delightedly when he gets them in his sights!

His first year was full of changes, some flying at me two at a time, blazing by at a pace that could make my head spin. Still, aside from his shock of bright blonde hair, there was one constant, and it wasn't until we were doing our bedtime routine the night of his birthday that I realized what it was.

I had been breastfeeding for one year. For 365 days PJ and I had stolen moments for just the two of us, the one task that I knew nobody else could do for him. He thrived with what my body could provide for his, he drew comfort from the act of nursing. It was, without a doubt, the best choice- if not always the easiest- that I could have made for my son.

Now, PJ is 14 months old (sob!) and there's been a lot of question as to  when I will wean him. Right now, there's no set plan. There are times right now when PJ has better things to do then nurse and that's fine. Still, most of the time he still wants to nurse, so nurse we do. I have a vague plan of letting him self wean, and we'll re-evaluate when he turns 18 months old. We take it moment to moment, and I love every single one of them!

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Laura said...

Hi Brie! I'm following you from the Blog Hop and wanted to say Congrats on breastfeeding for 14 months! I look forward to reading your blog :)