"So you had a bad day..."

I have to admit, this was not a stellar day for me. (Plus, I truly loathe that stupid song!)

Thankfully, nothing truly terrible happened! It was just one of those days where none of the little things go your way and you just can't shake your funk. A wet, rainy day, errands to run, a darling husband who left your car window rolled down. All friggin' night. And into the next day which was, as I mentioned, rainy.

IlovemyhusbandIlovemyhusbandIlovemyhusband. Aaaaaand repeat...

PJ got so messy at lunch that he was beyond just a wipe of the face and needed a full on bath! I got him, clean, lotioned (he has terrible eczema on his legs so we really stay on top of skin care for him!) and dressed and what did that little ingrate do?

Grunt. Grunt!. {poop}

URRRRGHGHHTHHHH!  He is soooooooooo lucky that I got distracted by the fact his poop made him crack up laughing! I got that cute little guy cleaned up (again) and down for a nap.

Lucky for us, we had an invite to have a New Year's dinner with family! And it was a typical gathering with loads of kids, tons of delicious food, lots of noise and much happiness! I feel very blessed to be able to be a part of such togetherness, especially for PJ!

Still, I was under a dark cloud today, and I'm hoping that tomorrow will find it gone! I hate feeling cranky, even if I happen to be really good at it! I'm such a bitch! :-)

This bitch has cleaned the kitchen folded laundry, and now I've blogged. My evening is complete and it's time for B-E-D!




myuncensoredlife said...

every dark cloud has a silver lining :-)

and the sun will come out tomorrow!

Jeez could I be any more cheesy? haha

Jenn said...

Are you able to look back on all of that and laugh yet? I hope so, because I swear, I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you! Today will be a better day!!