"When you put your arms around me, I get a fever that's so hard to bear..."

If you could read the drafts of my blog, you'd see that this week, I started about 4 entries with the sentence "I am so tired..." but then I would get distracted by the television and that was the end of that.

So there you go. My week so far.

It really hasn't been as bad as all of that- there's been some relaxing time with my son and husband, TONS of awesome TV to watch (The Sing-Off and Glee!) , and time at my favorite coffee haunt with some great friends and my usual peppermint mocha coffee with whip and a bagel!

Still, PJ has been sleeping terribly and has added a fever to his repertoire- it had finally broken just before I put him to bed tonight and I am really, really praying that it stays that way because he was miserable today! If he wasn't in my arms, he was crying, so needless to say he spent the majority of the day snuggled with me watching Sesame Street!

And the biggest, nerdiest secret? I didn't even mind! PJ is so active and such a man on the move that he doesn't always want to snuggle, and Sesame Street is really funny! It just sucked that PJ was feeling so terribly!

The only fail is that I had planned on getting the rest of what I need for PJ's birthday party! So there will be a lot of scrambling around tomorrow trying to get things done, but as long as PJ is healthy enough for his 1st birthday party, that's all that matters! I am so, so excited to have all of the people I love together to celebrate PJ's 1st year!


In other very exciting news, my cousin Matthew and his sweet wife Colleen welcomed their daughter Braelyn Kathleen into the world yesterday! She is the cutest thing ever and the spitting image of her Daddy! Matt sounds like he's over the moon and I am so happy for them! Matt and I are a week apart in age and grew up together, and we became parents almost exactly one year apart! Matt is even PJ's Jewish Godfather and stood up for him at his naming! I know how happy I have been this past year, my first as a mama, and I am so, so excited for Matt and Colleen to experience the same thing! From what I can tell, they are well on their way!

It's time for me to be on my way to the kitchen to clean up and then find my way to bed! I pray that a good night's sleep is ahead for PJ and I!

Good night!


Jenn said...

Yay for first birthday parties!! We have a tradition in my family where the baby gets their own red velvet (I think it was the only one my great grandmother liked) cake to just rub all over themselves. When Billy turned one I had to do it for him because he refused to get dirty. No, I'm not above smashing a one year olds face in a cake!

Oh, and I'm convinced we are TV soulmates!

Jessi said...

My youngest just turned 1 this week! Yay for 1st birthdays!

I hear you on the puny feeling kids. We just battled pink eye that got passed back and forth and then a 24 hour puking non stop tummy virus. I'm so ready to have healthy kids back!

I did love the snuggling, too ;).