"Well you know that it's going to be alright, when we go shopping..."

Today. Was. Awesome!

I managed to get a ton of holiday shopping done, knocking out gift-getting for 11 people! It was a pretty diverse haul, so there was alot of running around to be done!

Of course, by running around, I mean from my seat in the kitchen, to my fridge, and back again, since I did all of my shopping online! Hee hee! PJ and I never even made it out of our pajamas today! Double awesome! There were tons of deals to be had and free shipping (in plenty of time for Christmas!) to take advantage of, so take advantage I did! I love buying presents but I hatehatehate the malls, shops, and roads this time of year! PJ is getting to that precarious age where he's primed to repeat anything I say, and if his first full sentence is something like


...Pete might divorce me.

Not too long ago, Christmas shopping was a pretty new experience for me! I am Jewish, so there was some shopping for the odd boyfriend every now and then, or gift exchanges with friends, but I had never been a part of full-blown, shopping-for-the-family, start-on-Black-Friday type of holiday madness! Since Pete and I started dating, to the point we are at right now, eight more children have been born (in the circle of kids who are PJ's first cousins or close enough) and many others have been added from the extended family! So thankfully, my shopping skills have grown with each new kid!

Now, after all of that hard work (ahem...) it's time for bed!

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