"Sunshine, go away today..."

Today was a rainy day, but for us, it was one of those days when you don't even mind!

Pete was off again today, so we got to spend the morning together as a family and snuggle while we watched Sesame Street (PJ's favorite!)! I especially love when PJ and Pete can get some Daddy/Baby Boy time together- PJ worships him and it is the sweetest thing you ever saw! When Pete has 12-hour shifts two days in a row he doesn't see PJ for two day straight, since he leaves for work before he's awake and gets home after he's in bed, so I try to let them have as much one-on-one time as possible when Pete is home!

I did interrupt family time to meet up with some friends at the Pop Shop, where they were holding a "Super Hero Party" to celebrate school's being off today! It was a little hectic and our server was struggling a bit, but the kids all loved it! PJ and I were joined by my friend Randi and her three (Natalie, Gabrielle, and Adam) and my friend Tammy and her two (Kaiya and Malie). Even though Adam and PJ were sorely outnumbered by girls, everyone had a great time!

The rest of the day was mellow- PJ took a great nap while I made meatballs to freeze and Pete ran errands. Soon enough, it was time to tuck our sweet Boy into bed and for me to make some rainbow pancakes....which turned out more wheat-y then rainbow-y since I used whole wheat pancake batter! But, they are healthy which was the main idea! ;-)

So, it was a day that would hardly set my blog on fire with descriptions of excitement, but it was a nice, nice day, despite (or even because of!) the rain!


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