"Run and tell the angels that everything's alright..."

Ah, Saturday night!

Pete and I tag-teamed some time out tonight, my taking the first shift for a quick night out with my friend Michelle, and Pete taking the second shift to catch a comedy show with our friend Adam! Even though we could surely use some Breezy-Pete time, we are both happy to have had some free time to ourselves tonight! I know I certainly enjoyed the chance to share appetizers and conversation without having to pluck children from under the table between sentences!

Today was actually a very sweet day and a great ending to what turned out to be a busy week! It started with our shopping excursion on Sunday and ended today with an almost-soccer game (my niece Riley was supposed to have a game but it was cancelled), lunch out with my sister-in-law, nieces, and our Aunt Susan, and then our split-shift nights out tonight!
On Thursday we managed to squeeze in some time for a family portrait to put on our holiday cards! Sadly, it doesn't look like PJ is going to support us in our old age by being a male model- he had no patience for the process at all, and made it clear he would rather slither to the floor/crawl away/nom on his shoes/stubbornly refuse to smile/make a stinky face/pull on his Daddy's ear then smile for the camera! We did manage to get some good shots, so keep you eyes open for our Happy Christmas/Hannakah cards!

These are the memories, folks.

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Last year, I had a brand-new baby in my arms on Thanksgiving morning and had tortelini for dinner that night! And all of this means that next week, my sweet baby boy, the one who looked like this:

PJ was actually about a week old here.

...is going to be one year old!


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