"I've got something to say, you know, but nothing comes..."

Okay. Go ahead. Scold me.

Really. Make me feel shame. I have been the laziest blogger in the whole world this month! And there's so much to talk about! PJ's baby naming! Pete's first day of his new job! PJ's swim lessons! His first haircut!

But, as I am prone to do, I just find myself in one of those moods where I don't have much to say. I hate when I get like this because I always miss the freedom of blogging and getting out everything that's on my mind! Still, when I get into one of these writing funks, I sit down at the computer and just...nothing.

I'll allow myself one more day of nothingness, then it's back to it! This blog is almost like an old friend- I can pour out my soul and not be judged, scoffed at, or scolded no matter what I have to say or what I have done. And I so want to tell you all about PJ's baby naming- what a wonderful day!!

So, I will see you tomorrow. Let's call it a date.

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