"In the still of the night..."

Oh, that darn To-Do list! It's haunting me!
There's soooo much to do, and I am on a tear- that list is getting done!

So, it's just a quick hello today,
and a brief chat about going to the pool today with some sweet friends!
PJ had a blast! He was a riot!
The pool has a big "splash pad" deal with fun fountains and was very easy for even my little one to navigate!
(When Pete finds a job, we are totally getting a membership there next summer!)
And navigate he did- he was crawling and splashing and kicking and bouncing and loving the water! He didn't stop for a break for over an hour!
Where does such a little guy get so much energy?
And the big plus? An almost two hour nap and a soundly sleeping baby boy at bedtime!
Score. :-)

So now, with the house so peaceful, it's back to that To-Do list,
starting with getting the invites to PJ's baby naming addressed!
We won't have guests unless they know to come!
I'm off to deal with invites and envelopes
And wish you all a good night!

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