"In the end, we will only just remember how it feels..."

Today was an almost-perfect day!

It started off with PJ waking up pretty early, but the past few days, he has been sleeping very well at night and even better, has been taking a morning and afternoon nap pretty routinely! Which is awesome! So he doesn't sleep as late as he used to, but it's a trade-off that's worth it! This morning, my sweet little man was up at 6:30am!

We had breakfast together (Cinnamon Toast Crunch for me, Cheerios's and a banana for PJ) and then got ready to go to our very first Mommy and Me class! My lifelong friend Randi gifted us with the set of classes as an early naming gift, and the best part is that she's taking the class with her son! So the four of us are taking a swim class! My little fishie had a BLAST! He was a riot, laughing and splashing and squealing with happiness! How lucky are we to have friends that love us enough to give us a gift like that, just so we could be together and share this with our sons??  (The answer to that is very, very lucky!)

We came home and hung out with Pete for a bit before he had to go off and take care of some things, and PJ gifted his mama with a 2+ hour afternoon nap! Of course, he was pretty wiped out after swim lessons! I was able to get a bunch done around the house, which made me very happy! After PJ's nap, an old friend from my days working at Weisman Children's Rehabilitation Hospital stopped by! He and his girlfriend are expecting a baby boy in October, so I happily passed along a TON of clothes!

After dinner, we took a walk as a family and stopped for water ice! Pete even wore PJ on his back with my Moby Wrap, which seriously made my day and was Really. Friggin'. Cute! PJ was so funny, he held on to the back of Pete's shirt and kept leaning over to look around him! It's such a wonderful thing to spend time with my Boys as a family. With Pete working so hard and so many hours while he looks for a nursing job, these times are sorely few and far between. Thankfully, I don't think PJ knows the difference yet- he just lights up like a Christmas tree when he sees his Da! In the morning when he wakes up, Pete is the first person he goes to! I know Pete feels it though, so nights like tonight make me so happy!

Now, PJ is tucked into bed, sound asleep after his busy day! Pete is at his usual Monday night meeting at the firehouse, and I got to watch the season premiere of Gossip Girl in peace! There's much, much on my mind and in my heart but tonight, I am just trying to bask in the wonderful-ness of this day!

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