"Heaven bend to take my hand and lead me through the fire..."

I am in another one of those moods where I find I have very little to say, even though there's
much on my heart.
I hate when I find myself in these states of mental constipation.
It's not that the past few days haven't been filled with fun, friends, and family-
They have, and I know, as always, how lucky we are to be surrounded by so many amazing people!
But for now, there's too much on my mind.
I'm wishing for our luck to change.
Wanting to be a better Mom/Wife/Daughter/Friend/Sister.
Trying to be above the stupid, petty things.
Missing some people very, very much.
So, it leaves me without words sometimes.
(Stop laughing. It's been known to happen, even to me.)
Thankfully, the days have been full of cool, friend-y loveliness, and I'm not able to dwell
until it's time to sit in front of my computer screen.
I'll be heading to perezhilton.com now.

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Shelly said...

don't forget cake wrecks! they always make me laugh =)

praying for you friend!