"What if God was one of us?"

Today was almost perfect from beginning to end! It started out with everyone sleeping in, which was wonderful! PJ's schedule has been a mess since his surgery, and tossing in the sleepover at Nan and Pop's didn't help, so getting rest was a positive for him! He also took a long, late morning nap in his own crib! Plus, he took an afternoon nap!

I know, right? And the ground didn't feel chilly today or anything!

We just spent the day at home, playing and cuddling and watching PJ flaunt his newfound skills ( pulling up, sitting up, feeding himself peas...). It's amazing how enthralled we can be with watching PJ, he makes us laugh and every new things he does! And yes, I realize that this sounds boring to anyone that isn't Pete or myself! To the untrained eye, PJ is merely a cute, sweet baby, but to us, he's completely and utterly fascinating!

Pete had to work (Boo.) so PJ and I met Marla, Steve, and their cute, sassy niece Liv at the Pop Shop for some dinner (thanks again, Mar and Steve!!!)! PJ was flirting with the cutest little girl! They were gabbing back and forth earnestly in baby speak- it was pretty funny! We ate yummy food, enjoyed each other's company, and then walked back home! And now, Pete's on his way home from work and I'll have both my Boys with me again!

And there you have it. A summary of a day that makes for a yawn-y blog post, but warmed my heart in the best of ways! :-)

Now I am going to watch "Jersey Shore" with my husband! Yup. Jersey Shore.


Oh, wait! Don't go yet! I forgot- a few nights ago, PJ and I went with Shelly and the gals to get ice cream at a cute place called Kayla's Kustard Korner! They were having a fundraiser for the Oaklyn Fire Department, of which Pete is a member! We had delicious ice cream and enjoyed the nice (if slightly muggy evening! PJ LOVES being with his cousins, as this photograph proves...

Okay. That is all.

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