"There's gotta be more to life..."

Here's the short version of what we've been up to:

  • chasing PJ! He's everywhere all of a sudden! Crawling, rolling, trying to stand on his own! It's unacceptable, is what it is.
  • enjoying our new carpet, and constantly picking at the little pills it makes! I've never actually had brand-new carpet before, so I didn't know it sheds!
  • trying to find something PJ will eat without raspberry-ing it all over me! He is soooooooo over puree, it's not even funny! We've tried chicken, grapes, carrots, peas, green beans, and baked potato, and as long as he gets to use his own hands to stuff it into his own mouth, he'll eat it!
  • ...and let's not even discuss the Cheerio's! He actually shouts with glee when I take that big, yellow box out of the cabinet in the morning!
  • praying that some of the new job leads Pete got will pan out. Seriously. Praying. Hard. Super hard. Really.
  • Not getting much sleep. PJ has been crazed at night! Could a tooth finally be forthcoming???
And that's pretty much all of the excitement we can handle! Always happy to bring you up to speed! ;-)

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