"Home, where my thought's escaping..."

We are super-tired here at the Latini home, but happy to be home nonetheless!

Yesterday and today were busy- yesterday we had to empty out our living room for a brand-new carpet to be installed today! We didn't want to have to carry too many things down to the basement and then back up, so we just dispersed our belongings into the other rooms of our apartment! That strategy was great, except it left us no room to move! So we headed to Nan and Pop's (Pete's parents) to spend the night! We had an amazing night with family, and PJ had a blast playing with his cousins Sarah, Riley, and Emilia! Now that PJ is so mobile, he was able to chase him cousins around, laughing his head off the whole time, it was so sweet! PJ's face seriously lights up when he sees his cousins! After all of that fun, everyone fell into bed at Nan and Pop's and drifted off to sleep!

Well, until 1am, when PJ decided the party wasn't over and extended it by three hours!


The good things is that PJ didn't keep my in-laws up! I guess when you're the eighth grandchild to spend the night, your cries of displeasure at being in a crib can be tuned out! Had he made a more emergent type of cry, it would have elicited a more rapid response from the Grandparent Emergency System. At any rate, Pete and I woke up exhausted, but excited to know the carpet was being put in! Pete came home to supervise the install and then put the main pieces of furniture back into the room, and PJ and I spent the day relaxing at my in-laws! And we had a wonderful time, but it still felt good to come home! Now, PJ is in his own little bed and I am sitting on our pretty, cushy new carpet!

Soon, I will head off to bed myself, ready to catch up on some sleep and think about all of the things I need to put back tomorrow! :-)


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