"Tuesday afternoon, I'm just beginning to see..."

Ah, a rainy Tuesday!

Tuesdays are good days in general around here, because it's Pete's day off, so we usually are able to spend some family time together, and get things done around the house because there's two people around to hang with PJ instead of just one!

So when we woke up this morning and it still was dark in our bedroom, I was looking forward to a cozy family day!

Of course, I must be a friggin' idiot to think that that's how the day would go, because whenever there is bad weather, Pete's fire pager goes off All. Friggin'. Day. Down wires, flooded underpasses, the morons that drive into the flood under the aforementioned underpass and need rescued, etc. But, it's all good, and I just think about how someday, PJ will think that it's supercool that his Dad goes out on the fire truck and rescues people!

We did manage to have a precious half hour together to have a yummy dinner- turkey meatloaf (it's gooo-ooo-oood), mashed potatoes, and green beans! Sadly, for dessert Pete's fire pager went off again. Fooey. So I had to eat my fresh strawberries in vanilla yogurt alone. It was delish even by myself! ;-)

PJ's fever from yesterday was much better! He hovered around 99-100 degrees all day and was in much better spirits! Hopefully, it will be completely normal tomorrow. Otherwise, I will seriously consider taking him to the doctors. Again, with his surgery coming up, I want him to be healthy! Thankfully, he's sleeping comfortably now!

Now, I am ashamed to say, I am watching "The Hills" finale while I am waiting for Pete to get home! Which is the only good thing about him being out- I can watch without any commentary! ;-)

And watch I will!


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