"People in the party, hot hot hot!"

Oy. It's hot.

The heat here in NJ has just been unreal! We had two days in a row of temperatures over 100 degrees! Today was a balmy 94 degrees (ahem...sarcasm...) which honestly seemed like a break!

My sweet son hates the heat- just like his father- so we have spent the past few days hibernating in the house with the A/C on full blast! We sang songs, played with toys, rolled on the floor (well, PJ did), watched Sesame Street, we got so bored, we did this:

I showed Pete this picture and he just kind of blinked a few times and said "Um, why is the baby in a laundry basket?" "But look how happy he looks!", I responded. Silence.

We got really friggin' tired of the inside of this apartment.

Okay. That last one was me.

We recruited some friends and had a quick morning visit to our Favorite Coffee Haunt! It was a short trip, but the change of scene was much needed and much appreciated! After that, it was back to our little home, where the cat howls and the A/C is plentiful!

Since we are sticking close to home, I have been trying to tackle a To-Do list that seems to get two things added for every one that I cross off. But, there is proof of things getting done, such as a scrubbed bathroom, phone calls made, bills paid, and an apartment that is looking increasingly better! And as long as the heat is blasting, I'll keep plugging away.

But as soon as the weather turns lovely again? Pfffft. We're outta here!


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