"One day you'll find out this is what life is all about..."

Dear Peter Joseph,

You are 8 months (and one week!)old, and your 8 month birthday was one of the most terrifying days of my life! But you, sweet Boy, were so brave on the day of your surgery, as tiny as you still are! It was a hard day, but you will be all better soon and even better? You have been with us for 8 months!

We have seen you change the most over this past month! Your personality is coming through more and more, and you are becoming such a character! Your favorite routine is to do a fake cough and then laugh your head off! You are still. not. napping. But, you are so cute we can forgive you for that! Almost.

We are 99% sure that your first word is "Da"! The majority of the time that you are saying "Ah Daaaa Daaaa Daaaaaa da da da da da Daaaa" you are looking at your Daddy, so we are going to go with it! :-) You are moving about so well and so quickly now! Watching you scoot along is the funniest thing ever! Even though you are moving well, you still have the lazies- you will crawl just as far as you have to, then stre-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-etch to reach whatever it is you want! :-) You are starting to pull up on your Mommy and Daddy and your toys with ease, and we think that the couches/crib/chairs/etc are not far behind! You LOVE your Cookie Monster doll!

You are still loving your food, and you have tried so many new things this month- new fruits, teething cookies, Cheerios's, diced carrots and dried apples! You are starting to show a slight aversion to green foods, but you will still eat them grudgingly! Your puff addiction has become even worse!

Peter Joseph, you are sassy, smart, silly and stubborn! You make us smile every single day! We are the luckiest parents ever and you, PJ, are the best Boy-Boy in the whole, wide world!


Mama and Da

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