"Little slip of a little man, I swear I'd give my life for you..."

To summarize:

Day of Surgery.

-got there on time
-went back into surgery late
-PJ was amazing while we waited, so good!
-Bawled my eyes out when I had to hand him to the nurse (whose name, seriously, was Pinky) to take him back to the OR
-argued about politics with Pete
-chatted with a friend of Pete's who stopped in to say hi. A few floors above us, he sorely undialated girlfriend would give birth to their son many hours later!
-Finally! Our Boy was done! Doc said it went amazingly well!
-Went back to the PACU and there was PJ, tucked into a bed groggily sucking down a bottle of Pedialite
-Checked this, checked that, got to go home!
-Things going well, PJ played, ate, snuggled
-Around 10pm, the rest of his pain meds (the equivalent of an epidural called a caudal block) wore off
-My poor, sweet son spent the next 5 hours in terrible pain from bladder spasms
-he screamed and writhed in pain
-I cried
-we gave him acetaminophen and prayed for some relief
-finally, around 3am, PJ settled just enough to get a few fitful hours of sleep


-PJ was a little more quiet then usual, but in much, much better spirits
-except for during diaper changes, he was having quite a bit of discomfort at the surgical site
-We played, we snuggled, we ate and drank like a champ
-My Mom came to visit, and so did my sister
-We watched "Glee" on DVR and sang the songs to PJ
-PJ cracked up listening to Marla sing a really raunchy, really, really stupid song by Christina Aguilera.
-after a not-fun diaper change and not-fun medicine, PJ is tucked into bed and sleeping soundly
-I am praying he sleeps well and sleeps comfortably


-one more day closer to being completely better

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