"It's just that it's delicate..."

It's so quiet here!

Pete is at a fire department meeting and my sweet PJ is tucked into bed after a long, punky, feverish day for him! He ran a fever all day but thankfully, he's running a normal temperature now! With luck, the dose of gen. Tylenol he just got will get him through the night!

We had to drag my poor Boy out to the urologist for one last check-up before his surgery in two weeks. Everything is still looking good for an uncomplicated surgery! We are very lucky in that his urologist is fantastic, exactly how every doctor should be. He's extremely patient, calm, and informative. He never acts rushed or like your questions are stupid. He makes sure you get all of the information needed, which I think is an amazing trait for a doctor to have as not all patients/parents are good at asking questions. He has a great bedside manner, and appears extremely confident without also being an asshole.

(Believe me, I have dealt with lots of doctors. That's a rare trait.)

Now, we just wait the two weeks until PJ's surgery. I am both completely confidant it will be easy-peasy, and of course also scared to death! PJ's hypospadias is- thank God- in the grand scheme of things, a minor thing. His urologist does a number of procedures to correct this very issue each week! I have been assured that his Wee Boy Bits will not look any different to anyone who is not a doctor, thus ensuring that he will not earn the name "FrankenPenis" from the girls in college, which would cause him to drop out in shame and never become President!


Anyway, the point is, there could be so many other things wrong instead of this particular thing, and really, I know that we are blessed in PJ's great health! But, even minor, when it's your own child, you can't help but be frightened! I am not as worried about the actual surgery as I am about the general anesthesia. The thought of PJ being intebated just breaks my heart into a million pieces. I just try to remember that when PJ is an adult, he'll thank us for ensuring he not only felt no pain, but was able to stay still while such an...uh...vital organ was being operated on!

Plus, you know. I want grandkids.

So, that's all of that! I think it's time to make like a tree and leave. Or go to bed. Whatever.


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