"You taught me everything..."

On my 1st Mother's Day, I was...

spoiled beyond belief

given a poem written by my very clever son
(with a little help from his Daddy, I'm sure!)

loved, loved, loved

well-fed at a delicious brunch at Brio with a
representation of some of the most amazing women ever
(my Mother, Olga; Mother-In-Law, Geri; sister, Marla; Sister-In-Law, Shelly; and Marla's Mother-In-Law, Rosemary and Sister-In-Law, Cindy)

spent dinner with a gaggle of nieces and nephews

able to enjoy a quiet, relaxing afternoon at home with my wonderful Boys

given a gift from my husband that meant so much to me, and filled my heart with the love behind it

reminded today, as I am every day, how amazingly blessed I am to be PJ's mother

I hope every Mama out there, especially the ones I love so much (and you know who you are, I hope!), had a wonderful Mother's Day, surrounded by their daughters and sons and the people they love!

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