"This girl only sleeps with butterflies..."

Well, PJ must have not been willing for Mother's Day to end, because he was up for much of the night last night, leaving me a tired Mama today! It was one of those days when I feel thankful that I can correctly name things like chairs, and my husband's name.

It's Pete, right?

But, exhaustion aside, it was a lovely, quiet, chilly day! It started off at The Treehouse with my favorite Coffee-Mama's, whose company always makes my usual peppermint mocha taste that much more delicious!

Speaking of delicious, I enjoyed a wonderful nap with my sweet baby Boy! I guess we're co-nappers around here! :-P It's a luxury I can enjoy while my lazy little chubber doesn't roll- when he does, we'll have to 86 the duo naps! Until then, I love snoozing with PJ snuggled in my arms! We both seem to rest well when we're together!

Later, our friend Adam stopped by to watch the Flyers game (they won!) and hang out for a bit, so in a rare occurrence, I had two adults to talk to tonight! With Pete working evenings I am usually alone after PJ goes to bed, so it was a very nice change of pace!!

And there you have it! Not an exceptional day by any means, just a pleasant day that I was able to enjoy with some sweet people! Still, since that nap only served to take the edge off my sleepiness, I am off to bed! Hopefully, both PJ and I will get some sleep!

Goodnight! :-)

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