"Splish splash, I was taking a bath..."

This picture cracks me up! Look at that chunky little monkey!

The books he's reading is a souvenir from what was just a lovely day with my little family! We had a quiet, lazy morning at home all together, then in the afternoon, set out to run some errands. Pete did some well-deserved clothes and shoe shopping, and I got to do some book shopping thanks to a birthday gift from my son and my husband! Even better? They were both with me while I did my shopping! PJ got to do some shopping for baby food at Wegman's! Or, well, you know. I picked out some baby food while he looked cute in the Baby Bjorn. Our day wound down with a walk through the park, and both of PJ's parents home to tuck him into bed!

A whole day with my amazing husband and sweet son were just what the doctor ordered! It's too bad that tomorrow is back to reality!

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