"My toes just touch the water..."

Peter Joseph has been having an amazing Memorial Day weekend!

Yesterday was the Collingswood May Fair! It was a hot, muggy day, but that didn't stop thousands of people from streaming onto Haddon Ave to enjoy food, games, and shopping! We ran into sooooo many of our friends and family! Even though PJ was really too small to take notice of much, he was looking at everything and enjoying the Mommy/Daddy time! It was wonderful to have the whole day together as a family!

The Flyers dropped Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals to the Blackhawks, but the Phillie's did have a perfect game pitched by Roy Halladay! We need to replenish PJ's Flyers wardrobe, as he outgrew all of his outfits! But, he has plenty of Phillie's clothes to tide him over!!

This morning we enjoyed some more family time (yay!) with a walk through Collingswood and then a drive over to Haddonfield for some breakfast! PJ had a bunch of firsts there- his fist time in a "big boy" high chair and his first time ordering off a grow-up menu! It was just applesauce, but apparently it was the best tasting applesauce ever because it left him very happy! It was a beautiful morning- the perfect day to enjoy the company of my husband and son! And to enjoy a Belgian waffle with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and Nutella!

Yeah. It was that good.

Pete had to work, but we went to Nan and Pop's to spend some quality time with the cousins! The kids are all so sweet with PJ, and he seems to love them right back! We chowed down of some BBQ goodness and PJ had his first dip into the swimming pool!

What a chubber!

Soon though, PJ was rubbing his eyes, a sure signal as to when the day is coming to a close! And now, on this warm evening, PJ is tucked into bed, and his Mama is about to collapse into hers!


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