"Ever since he touched my hand I knew that near him I always must be..."

Oh, lovely spring evening, how nice it is to see you!

Today was a better day then the past few- alot of the tension of the past few days has been shunted off to the side for now, if not completely forgotten. Pete and I pretty much realize that the situation we find ourselves in is out of our hands, so we are trying to just let it go and hope for the best. Goodness knows we have more pressing issues right now to think about- good, bad, and otherwise!!

Some of it is nothing new, like Pete's continued search for a job. He was mildly comforted by the fact that very, very few people from his graduating class last year had found jobs, either. Pete went to celebrate this years graduating class and was able to catch up with alot of his also-unemployed friends. :-P If I were in this years graduating class, I would want to hang myself!

We are also planning a baptism for PJ! It's a little on the weird side for me, but A. I know that Pete wants to see his son baptized and B. he will also be having a bris/naming in a few months, when he's healed from his surgery. If PJ were a little older, I'd worry about his being confused, but for now, we are looking forward to celebrating both sides of PJ's family and history!

The poor kid will have his whole life to be confused! :-P

(An aside- my husband just called to tell me that someone placed an internet order to his pizza-delivery place of employment. The person's order? Soda. Just soda. Which makes me see that A. Pete REALLY NEEDS TO FIND A NURSING JOB and B. some people are just fa-riggin' morons!)

Something that, amazingly, is going well here? Cloth diapering! Who would have thought? I was pretty committed to giving it a try the whole time I was pregnant- I really like the idea of having a chemical-free alternative to diapering PJ, even if we only used it part time! I started out with just a few diapers, trying it out sporadically. I was tripped up when the first detergent I tried (Tide) gave PJ a rash. But, I found a new detergent, have added some diapers to my stash, and PJ is almost always in cloth at home and now I am trying to use it more outside of the house. My goal is to get to the point where the only disposable we use is the one (or two) he wears overnight. Now that I have the hang of it, I really find that I like cloth better. It's super-soft, chemical free, keeps PJ super dry (today's cloth diapers are amazing, they work just like a disposable), and they are really very cute! I am totally not anti-disposable, I think it's just a choice families make, like organic vs. not and such. Right now, I am coveting this diaper...

...for obvious reasons! :-) There are a thousand ways I wonder if I am doing right by PJ, but at least I have one thing I can feel good about even on my shakiest Mama day! And with PJ still not sleeping great, there are alot of them!!

My thoughts tonight were a bit random, sorry about that! I find that lately, from one moment to the next, my life is random! The constant? My love for these two dudes:

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