"Caught a lite sneeze...

Okay, so next to the day I gave birth to my son and the day I married my husband, today might be the happiest day of my life.

Why? Because I just found out that Neil Patrick Harris is going to be on "Glee" next week!!

NPH!!!!!!!!!! I looooooooooves me some NPH!

So, anyway.

This weather is kicking my ass right now- it's the Ballad of Springtime for me. The weather gets hot, the weather gets cold, the weather goes nuts and I get sick. It's a 24-hour sneezefest. And God forbid I sneeze while I'm nursing PJ. He'll stop nursing, turn to look up at and give me a look like "Really? You really need to do that while I'm eating?"

It's actually pretty cute. As is everything he does.

The day itself, aside from being sneezy, was very quiet. PJ slept beautifully last night, and it seemed like the past few wakeful nights had caught up to him. He still catnapped today, but a few more times then usual (including a nice, cuddly nap with his mama). He went to bed right on time and is sleeping peacefully again!

I caught myself being completely blown away at how big he's getting, and so fast! I can't decide if I am longing for his first words, first steps, but then I want him to be a cuddly baby forever! Ah, the great quandary of motherhood!

I think I'll go ponder it from my bed! :-)

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