"Brain like a parking lot...the traffic in my head..."

Just a few random thoughts...

The weather is getting warmer, like this time it means it.

Some more discouraging news concerning Pete's job search. He's starting to think things are never going to go his way, and it makes me feel awful to see him becoming increasingly despondent. It's especially hard because he works so damn hard to take care of us and still sees a loser when he looks in the mirror. All of this is out of his control and he takes is so to heart.

Glee is awesome.

Having company is a good thing, because it keeps me motivated to keep this place neat! And in the coming weeks, we're getting a new living room floor and new blinds! Could it be that after living here for two years next week (!) that we are thisclose to having a put-together place?

I finally got PJ's 5 months pictures done...two days before his 6 month birthday! But, just-under-the-wire counts, and they turned out TOO STINKIN' CUTE for words!! I don't know why I bother bringing the coupon because I end up getting so many extra pictures! Next month, we'll do a family portrait, I'm so excited!

And the biggest news of all this week?


The last time they went to the finals was in 1997, and I had to watch them get spanked by the Red Wings from a hotel room in Erie, where I was on a visit to what would be my future college! I cried when they lost! I have waited 33 years to see a Cup come to Philly- could it be possible that my son will see it in his first year of life? One can only hope! ;-)

And with that? Goodnight.

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