"And that's the way love flows, that's the way it goes on a Saturday night..."

Screw you, Rolaids, because you know what spells relief??


For the first time is almost two weeks, PJ went down to sleep without a hitch! And even if it's just for tonight, I'll take it! It's been so hard watching my obviously exhausted Boy struggle to fall asleep the past few nights! So even one night of reprieve is a welcome change for this worried Mama! It must be his super-de-duper-cool, glow-in-the-dark pirate pajamas! :-)

Sigh. I love that Baby Boy!

Anyway, today was a truly nice day (if kind of humid and muggy!). We had a quiet morning at home that featured all three of us enjoying a nap together! We did laundry, played with PJ, and Pete ran errands to the farmers market for some local yumminess and to Toys R' Us to pick up a gift certificate for his cousin's daughter, whose 3rd birthday party PJ and I attended this afternoon! Said party was a great time, the Flyers won, and then, fast forward to right now, where PJ is sleeping sweetly and his Mama is waiting for Pete to get home from work!

For a week that was so filled with tension, stress, and frustration, today was a sweet epilogue. With tomorrow being the fresh start to another week, I am just hoping the sweetness of today can carry over!

And now, what I need to "carry over" is the pile of laundry on my bed to my closet!



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