"You can bend me, shape me anyway..."

One of my favorite magazines, US Weekly, has a section called "25 Things You Didn't Know About..." and you can fill in the blank. Tori Spelling, Jennifer Love Hewitt and other such stars. Now, I am a compete celebrity gossip whore, and will read the details of Britney Spears' parenting skills, Paris Hilton's latest lover, and the wanderings of Jesse Jame's penis dog, Cinnabun. But, even to me, the "25 Things You Don't Know..." section seemed to pander a little.

So of course, never one to miss the chance to be self-serving, thought I would try it. So, without further adieu:

25 Things You Didn't Know About...BREEZY!

1. I have to sleep in tee shirts and underpants, because I can't sleep with anything on my legs, even when it's freezing out!

2. I love to take pictures (even before PJ!) and dream of having a better camera.

3. I remember the very first time I ever laid eyes on my husband Pete, and thinking how cute he was!

4. My "stage debut" was around the age of 6 or 7, I played Charlotte in a local summer theatre production of "Charlotte's Web". I had to sit on a beam the whole show and I remember thinking how much my butt hurt!

5. My high school music teacher is one of the most important people in my life!

6. I have a serious book problem. I can't walk into Barnes & Noble without spending at least $50.
7. Not that this is much of a secret, but I am a terrible housekeeper.

8. Everyone thinks that my sister Marla and I speak a secret language, but really, we just quote movies to each other! Still, other people (our mother, in particular) complain that they never have any idea what the hell we are talking about!

9. I like gross, fart-joke type of movies, i.e, The South Park Movie, Superbad, Wedding Crashers, Borat, etc! Oh my lord, when I saw Borat in the theater, I laughed so hard I almost suffocated!

10. I hate feet. I hate my feet, your feet, everyone's feet (ahem...except PJ's!). I don't like pedicures, and will only get one when my feet start to resemble something out of Jurassic Park.

11. I am addicted to Facebook.

12. I am also addicted to cake. Mmmm....cake.

13. I was not the best student. I tended to be lazy when it came to school work and was lucky to have enough brain cells to get by anyway. If I could go back in time, it would be something I would change.

14. I am dying for another tattoo...or two!!

15. I still have the mindset that I can eat anything I want or wear anything I want, as I could when I was...oh, 23!, instead of coming to the realization that I am a heifer and should put down the cake!

16. I love to watch the garbage that VH1 considers fit for public viewing, such as Tool Academy, Rock of Love, Tough Love, Celebrity Rehab, and my all-time favorite, Flavor of Love Girls Charm School!

17. I have terrible fashion sense, but I still know enough to covet Jimmy Choos!

18. I am not artistic, but I think I am very crafty and creative.

19. I can be a very not nice person sometimes, particularly around people with whom I can let my guard down with (mainly, Pete) and sometimes, I am downright ashamed of my behavior.

20. I am a frustrated Broadway singer, and I am shocked that PJ did not come into the world already singing the soundtrack to "Glee", since I sang it at the top of my lungs for most of my pregnancy! And along that same strain, I really, really, really, really hope that PJ can sing!

21. I love, love, love Old Navy flip flops, and buy scads of them in billions of colors every. single. summer.

22. I am a total junk food junkie! McDonald's, Taco Bell, Wendy's, Friendly's, Papa Johns...bring it on! and in case you're thinking of birthday gifts, I also love Bayards, Ande's Candies, Nerds, and Applebees! :-)

23. In case you couldn't tell, I really, truly, honestly, deeply and profoundly LOVE being a mother! My son is the greatest blessing I have ever known or dreamed of! And you can pretty much say that about being a wife, too, although that, sometimes, does not come as naturally.

24. I have cut back on the amount of coffee I used to drink to an amazing degree! Before I was pregnant, I drank about two pots a day! Now, it's a cup a day and really, sometimes not at all. But I still loooooooooooooves me some coffee!

25. I am still, at the age of 32 and counting, a work in progress. Some days I am thrilled with the woman I am and other days, I feel like I could switch lives with someone in a heartbeat (If I could bring Pete and PJ with me, anyway...). I look in the mirror and see a thousand faces sometimes. And before you think I am going all Sybil of you, it's just that I see what I am and what potential there may be. I hope I can live up to my son!

...and there you have it! Not, perhaps, as interesting as the musings of Tori Spelling, but it's all true!


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