"Tell me what am I feeling? Well, it's hard to explain."

Welcome, my friends, to my Saturday Night! PJ is sound asleep, Pete is at work (but not working until 2am, yay!), and I am on the couch when I should be folding laundry.

Bad me.

Today was a very quiet, mellow day, marred only by a trip to Whole Foods that sucked from start to finish (traffic-didn't have what I needed-traffic). And for the record? Wegman's kicks Whole Foods ass resoundingly!. I was not impressed at all. But other then that, we did lots of laundry, watched PJ play excitedly in his exersaucer, and just generally hung out. Can't beat that!

Tomorrow is Sunday and the start of yet another week! I have alot of things I am hoping to get accomplished- I am feeling the winds of change blow by, and would like nothing more then to be swept away by them! For now, though, it's just about time for bed!

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Shelly said...

yay! pete must have done an excellent job picking out the exersaucer! so glad pj loves it! and good for you for even thinking of the laundry--i never think of it and my poor husband ends up doing the folding =)