"Oh, it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spend it with you!"

So, to start off, I need to apologize for yesterdays blog! I was so tired when I wrote it I could hardly see straight- I don't know why I bothered! LAME!

I'm tired tonight, too, but the evening is so lovely it's somehow energizing me! The windows are open, it's quiet, and the air smells like spring. If I could somehow get someone to deliver me a large cherry water ice it would be perfect!

PJ has been sleeping really well the past few nights, but getting up a little earlier then usual, around 7:30 (yes, I know that's kind of late for a baby!). It's fine with me though, it means that there is more time to spend together! PJ and I usually try to let Pete sleep in since he works to late- this morning, PJ was nice enough to play in his bouncy seat while I took a shower and then we had breakfast together!

Speaking of breakfast, we started PJ on rice cereal! So fun! First, he's a riot when he eats! And second? I LOVE his high chair!! He takes a spoonful of cereal and then the fingers so right in after it! I guess he wants to taste his food and feel it! But, fingers aside, he slurps it right down! It's the cutest thing! He also likes to grab my hand and try to shove it and the spoon in his mouth! We both end up very cereal-y by the time we're done!

After breakfast, PJ took a nap in his swing, and Pete and I enjoyed some time together just chatting at the kitchen table while I drank my coffee. I know it's completely cliche to say, but Pete really is my best friend, and we never run out of things to say to each other! It was very sweet to have some time to enjoy each others company this morning! We get so stressed sometimes, we miss the day to day joys of being married.

Later in the morning, we met our friends Amelie, Maeve, Ezra, and their mama Michelle at Knights Park! We planned on a picnic, but upon inspection of our cabinets I was all Mother Hubbard-y, so we ordered a pizza to the park! So dorky, but it was really yummy and I could tell all of the other park people were jealous! :-)

We walked home from the park and spend the rest of the afternoon with Pete, just playing on the floor with PJ, laughing and enjoying his cuteness! I think we could just gobble that kid up sometimes- I mean, he kept us fully entertained for hours today! I love my little family so much, and it's moments like that, just hanging out and playing on the floor of PJ's room that really fill my heart!

(By the way, PJ is impossible! He used to hate being on his belly, so he would roll over all the time! But now that he doesn't mind it, he's become so lazy, he won't roll at all! He does spin on his belly, but ther then that, he's content to be however we put him down! :-P )

Eventually, Pete had to get ready for work (boo) and PJ and went to visit my friend Shira and her cutey-pie boys, Marvin and Dylan! Shira and I talked cloth diapers! While I am hardly an expert, I was able to show her the diapers I have and tell her which ones I like and why! All of the rest of my friends think I am a lunatic for cloth diapering (even part time like I do) so it was nice to have someone who was interested!

After our visit, PJ and I came home, had dinner (Lean Cuisine for me, rice cereal with a teeny bit of applesauce for PJ!), took a bath, got into pajamas, read a story, and laid PJ down, where he promptly fell asleep due to the effects of all the activity of this lovely day!

My heart is so full today, full of my son, my husband, and the friends I am so lucky to have!

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