"It's just my job five days a week..."

It's a rainy spring night here in our little corner of New Jersey!

I adore evenings like this- when I am in for the night and able to just relax and enjoy the sounds of the rain and, even better, the smell coming through an open window! If it weren't for my terrible allergies, spring would be my favorite time of year!

PJ was lucky enough to have a cousin-filled week! I am so thankful that he is surrounded by cousins who all love him! Even the little ones love to play with him and sing to him! We ended our week with some barbecue at his Aunt Shelly's, where PJ got lots of hugs from his Godparents and his Nan! And his Mama got to eat an AWESOME burger!!

The only thing missing? My husband, of course. He works evenings and he does it six nights a week, so he's often left out of alot of family gatherings. It sucks, of course. It's been on my heart alot lately, Pete's struggle to find a nursing job. He has applied to what has to be at least 100 jobs with no luck at all. He gets told that they are looking for BSN's (he's an RN), looking for experienced nurses, hiring internally, etc, etc. He's has his resume looked over and proofread and tinkered with by other professionals. He diligently checks in with recruiters- not so much that he's naggy, but every so often just to keep his name in their head. It leaves him frustrated, angry, and on edge. It leaves me sad and snappish.

We are thankful that he has a job at all- we're not completely blind to what so may other friends and family are going through in having no job at all! His job pays well enough to pay our bills and provide for PJ. After all of his hard work at school though, I know it stings not to have a job yet. And he has to work 6 nights a week to do it, and it leaves us on opposite schedules- Pete works very late hours and has to sleep during the day to get any rest at all. Pete misses PJ, I miss Pete, and we all kind of end up like ships in the night. It takes it's toll.

We get through it, and of course, our sweet Boy always lightens our hearts and our moods! We have each other, which is something, for sure! We know that despite all of this, we are more lucky and more blessed then so many, and we know we will get through this.

So, we soldier on!

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