"It's a damn cold night..."

Things were quiet on this chilly, windy spring day!

PJ had to get some shots, and he took them like a champ! Later in the day, though, I think his legs really started to hurt and he had a rough afternoon before he finally fell asleep, tucked next to his very worried Mama who didn't leave his side!

I spoke with my cousin Matthew, who, at exactly one week older then me, I have known every second of my life! Things are well with him and his beautiful wife Colleen, and to my and Pete's delight and gratitude, he agreed to be PJ's Jewish godfather! Marla, of course, is his godmother, and on the Catholic side, Shelly and Carl, Pete's brother and sister. PJ is truly one lucky, lucky Boy!

There is very fervent, earnest prayer going on in this household. Won't you pray with us? Or do whatever ritual that brings about good things- cross your fingers, knock on wood, etc... We need all of the prayer/positive energy/good karma that we can get!

There was a lovely, long evening with an amazing friend, the kind where you alternately veg out in front of the TV and then talk about important things during the commercials. We are going to make a valiant effort to make room in our lives for times like tonight.

She brought me this:

and it's awesome! Thanks, Randi! What on earth would I do without you?

Now, it's time to head to bed, and wait for my husband to tuck hinmself in next to me. Of course, bed comes after I check on my sweet, sleeping son (three or four times...) and whisper how much I love him.

It was a chilly morning, it's a downright cold night, and the day is done.