"But all my words come back to me..."


It's a warm, breezy evening, my sweet PJ is sleeping, my cat is at my feet, and there is peace throughout the apartment!

I haven't been able to sit and blog about anything of substance lately, save for posting pictures of my beautiful son! But there is something about this warm, summery weather that seems to have dislodged a bit of the gunk in my head, and the things that have been on my mind aren't making me feel so sluggish anymore! So, I have decided to briefly touch on the things that have been weighing me down, and will offer up something that makes me happy for each one:

It's been one year since my Mom-Mom passed away. On the eve of her passing, as is a custom in Judaism, I lit a yahrzeit light, a memorial candle that burns for 24 hours. There is no traditional prayer, so instead, I lit the candle with PJ and told him stories of his Mom-Mom, and how he will always be my gift from her, since they passed each other on the way to and from Heaven. It was a hard, hard day for me, and I know Sunday will be for me as well, when we have her unveiling. Sometimes, I can see a glimpse of resemblance to her in PJ's face, and it makes me heart ache that I can't see her enjoy her great-grandson, although I know she sees and watches him always. That is something that makes me happy, even if sometimes it's hard to feel through my sadness.

Pete is still looking for a job, and the fact that we are coming up on the one-year anniversary of his graduation is adding bitterness to his mounting frustration. He's had some leads and some response to his endless resume submitting, but no bites yet. Still, the response has been more then he's had as of yet, and thankfully, we can be happy in knowing that he does have a full-time job to tide us over in the meantime, we still have savings, and we got a BIG OLE' TAX RETURN! CA-CHING! Nobody is going to starve, although I may have to curb my "buying PJ clothing" habit. For now. Ahem...

There had been worry for my sisters, who seemed to have health and job problems looming, but I am happy to report that on both fronts, things do not seem to be as dire as originally suspected. When my sisters (by birth or by marriage) are in distress, it hurts my heart. Good news + happy sisters = happy Breezy. It's simple math.

And lastly, I can't find the boogie snatcher. But that makes PJ very happy!

It seems so funny that the things that had been weighing so heavy were able to be released in a few quick blurbs. But, there. Now it's out. I am going to consider my brain unconstipated and hope that the flow of getting my thoughts out is ready to resume.

Goodnight all!

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