"We're just one big family..."

Oh, happy day!

It really was a happy day today! PJ really seems to be getting over his cold and was the most happy and cheerful I have seen him in days! We slept very well last night, woke up very sweet and smiley, and had a solid 2-hour nap. He had been cat-napping for days and would be passing out and miserable by early evening, so it made me happy to see him resting comfortably throughout the day!

We ran some errands to shop for a birthday gift for PJ's good friend Gabrielle's birthday party, and for his Mama to hit up Old Navy for the "Sundown Gown" sale! Pete kept yelling at me to go- apparently, I didn't jump on the dress sales early enough last spring, didn't get what I wanted, and "bitched about it all summer". Ahem. So, off we went. A few things for PJ might have fallen into my cart, also (for example, the center outfit from the ad, including panama hat...). Just sayin'...

Marla came by for a visit after work, and got in some good, quality snuggle time with her nephew! PJ obliged by being super happy and adorable and performing all of his tricks (big smiles, grabbing and playing with his toys, happily playing the Kick & Play Piano his Aunt Marla got him, being chubby...)!

I worry about my sister sometimes, so it was good to see her tonight. I mean, not worried in the sense that I think something terrible is going to happen. More like a vague, general worry that things aren't perfect. And I know that they aren't- her job keeps her very busy, as does school, and her lupus, quite often, makes her feel like shit. I am amazed at how she manages all of the things she has taken on (working full time, being a student, being a wife, being a friend...family member...aunt, etc). It's very hard for me not to go into Overprotective Older Sister mode and try to boss her until I can make things right, mostly because A. she doesn't need me too, B. it wouldn't help and C. she's taller then me now anyway! So, I just watch her do her thing, keep my two cents to myself, and pray that there will be some relief from her illness. Mostly because she has a really nice house and it would be a shame to see it go to waste.

Just kidding about that last part! ;-) Anyway, keep her in your prayers if you have some to spare!

And now, it's time to go to bed! Pete's at work, but as soon as he crawls into bed next to me, his day off begins! We are both really looking forward to a full day together as a family! And what an amazing family I have! :-)


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I do what I want! said...

I love that outfit you got him. If we were real life friends and lived near each other I would seriously consider kidnapping your baby. He is probably the cutest baby in the world (and I'm not even biased)