"My feet is my only carriage, so I've got to push on through..."


So tired.

Allergies are terrible, and I don't have a definitive answer as to what is safe for a breastfeeding mama to take for some relief.

Pete still can't find a job, or even get an interview, and is becoming increasingly frustrated and down. Where are we going wrong in his job hunt? Any suggestions?

I am worried about a few of the people I love most in this world.

The sweet new buds on the trees bring some hope, but in this discouraging, allergy-clouded funk, it's hard to notice the fresh beauty of it all.

So, why go on at all?

What on earth could remind me that it's a good old world after all?

Oh, yeah! There's that!

...and suddenly, it was all okay...

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Shelly said...

claritan, benadryl. =)