"Look at what's happened to me, I can't believe it myself..."

It's been a quiet Monday here after a pretty busy weekend! PJ was exhausted when I put him to bed- I don't expect to hear from him for a while!

I can't believe it's already March 1st! For one thing, it means that my sister Marla and her husband Steve have been married for two years! Oh, well, sort of. They were married on February 29th, 2008, so we can fudge the exact day a bit! Either way, I still think their wedding was one of the best times of my life! And even though by two years, most people realize that marriage is not all rainbows and butterflies all the time, they have realized that the work you have to put into marriage is totally worth it! I love seeing them evolve as a couple and as individuals, and I wish them two more plus two more plus a million more years together!

Plus, I need to stay on their good side- if we're ever homeless, I'm heading straight to their place! They have a gorgeous house!! ;-)

My weekend was a sweet one, filled with friends and family. on Saturday PJ and I spent the evening with a good friend, keeping each other company while our husbands were out of town/working! It was a relaxing night of kids, chat, pizza and a movie! The next morning, we had breakfast with my parents, and then I spent the afternoon with one my oldest, dearest friends! Pete worked a short shift at work, so we even got to spend a night together! Watching the US lose to Canada in the men's hockey final was kind of disappointing, especially since stupid Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal (barf)! Either way, it was a weekend spent with some of my favorites, and that's always good!

So after all of that, today was a lazy day! PJ likes to nap in the morning, so we all slept in a little bit, which was wonderful! We love "family naps" around here! Pete ran some errands while PJ and I hung out and relaxed, and all in all it was a quiet, restful day!

The rest of this week is a busy one- lunch at my parents tomorrow, coffee with the girls on Wednesday, Chuck E Cheese with Randi and her gals on Thursday (to celebrate Gabi's correct use of the potty!) , something on Friday (I uh...forget what!), and then meeting up with my friend Mandy on Saturday! It's alot of busy, but it's also a reflection of how lucky I am to have so many people in my life- so many great people that make me happy when I spend time with them!

And now, it's off to bed to wait for Pete to come home from the fire department and to catch some Zzz's before my sweet Boy gets up to eat!


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